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Instructor and Advisor: Sergiu Dascalu, PhD.
External Advisor: Fred Harris, PhD. & Rasoul Baghal, PhD.

Name: Sergiu Dascalu, PhD.
Organization: University of Nevada, Reno
Profile: The instructor in charge of our Senior Project course (CS426). Dr. Dascalu is the recipient of the 2005 Lemelson Award for Innovation and Invention in Teaching or Research. He has been involved in software engineering for more than 20 years. The development of goSmart software has received a great deal of support from Dr. Dascalu in terms of motivation and creativity. As a team, Dr. Dascalu helped us build trust and energy in our team relationships.

Name: Fred Harris, PhD.
Organization: University of Nevada, Reno
Profile: Dr. Harris is the external mentor for the goSmart software development. He is the 2005 recipient of the F. Donald Tibbitts University Distinguished Teacher Award. Dr. Harris is the author of articles, books, chapters and award winning technical papers. Our senior project has received a great deal of support from Dr. Harris, resources and technical support are provided by him in additional to periodical meeting designated for the development guidance and counseling.

Name: Rasoul Baghal, PhD.
Organization: International Game Technology, Reno, NV
Profile: Rasoul Baghal started his career at IGT as a software engineer in 1986 while doing his graduate studies at UNR in Computer Science. He has since been promoted to Supervisor, Manager and Director of Systems Engineering Support for IGT. His responsibilities include designing and managing all IGT's Wide Area Progressive Systems (ex. Megabucks), Central Determination Systems and Server Based Gaming telecommunication networks around the globe. His group is also responsible for 24x7 engineering hotline support of all hardware and software trouble calls from around the world for all IGT systems.

Send email to: gosmart.automation@gmail.com
University of Nevada, Reno
CS 426 Senior Project, Team 5 : Spring 2006 : UNR CSE Dept.

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