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Project Description:

This is the website for our CS 426 - Senior Project class. Our goal is to develop a home-automation software. Smarthomes are homes which incorporate various types of technologies into their design. One such technology is called X10 [see Glossary]. X10 technology gives the user the ability to control electrical devices within the household via the electrical wiring in the house. This can be very useful for homeowners of homes that have already been built but would like to incorporate some new technology into their homes.

Our project design will be to create an interface that will allow the user to wirelessly control these devices within the house. This will be accomplished using the X10 Firecracker wireless module [see Glossary]. This hardware is currently on the market with a software package. The existing software package does not offer any type of scheduling or automation for these devices. Our interface, however, will offer both scheduling and automation for some or all of these devices. The hardware currently supports 16 house codes with each code supporting 16 devices for a total of 256 devices that can be controlled via this hardware. Our software will support this ability as well. goSmart will allow the user the option of utilizing several security features including profiles, password protected login information, and (in future work) security groups. goSmart will also use a proprietary encryption algorithm to secure a database where all user/device information will be kept.

Send email to: gosmart.automation@gmail.com
University of Nevada, Reno
CS 426 Senior Project, Team 5 : Spring 2006 : UNR CSE Dept.

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