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Automation- The act of using computers to control machinery and processes.

COM Port – The DOS name of the serial ports on PC's.

Device - A device generally corresponds to the model of a physical device, for example, a receiver. A device can also be a peripheral that can transfer data to and from a computer.

Firecracker - Firecracker is really just a wireless transmitter.

Function Buttons – This refers to the actual buttons the user will see on the user interface.

goSmart - The name of the proposed software to be developed.

goSmart Zones – These are pre-defined areas within a home (i.e. Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Etc.). These zones will be initially pre-defined; however, will become more interactive in later revisions.

House Code – Part of a code used to identify the x10 device. The House Code consists of a letter between A – P. Each House Code has an associated Unit Code to accompany it.These codes are user defined and programmed on the hardware itself.

Interface - Method or piece of equipment for interconnecting units or systems which may not be directly compatible.

JFMS - The name of the team that proposed and will be developing the goSmart software.The composition of the team name is nothing but the abbreviation of the team members names.

Packetizing Commands – This refers to the process of creating packets to be sent out on the wireless transmitter. These packets must be created and assembled in the correct order if they are to be affective.

Smart Homes - The ability of a user to remotely or automatically control lights around their house. The definition can be extended to adding security to a home by means of using the technology involved in remotely controlling devices.

SMS – Abbreviation for Short Message Service it is the transmission of short text messages. Messages must be no longer than 160 alpha-numeric characters and contain no images or graphics.

Test Bed – For this project, refers to a reliable source of electrical wiring for testing purposes. Typically, home electrical power consists of two phases which do not bridge each other. This can cause unexpected results for software testing.

Wireless - Radio-based systems that allow transmission of information without a physical connection, opposed to transmission systems, which require a physical connection, such as copper wire or optical fiber.

Unit Code – Second part of a code used to identify the x10 device. The Unit Code consists of a number between 1-16 and together with the House Code provides a unique ID for an x10 device. These codes are user defined and programmed on the hardware itself.

Web Portal - A web site that provides a starting point or gateway to other resources on the internet or an intranet.

x10 – A communications “language” that allows compatible products to talk to each other using the existing electrical wiring in the home. [www.smarthome.com/about_x10.html]

x10 Coding Scheme – Format used to uniquely identify an x10 device. See House Code and Unit Code for further detail.

Zones - The term zone is applied to a certain division within the house. Each zone consists of a number of devices configured with x10.

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University of Nevada, Reno
CS 426 Senior Project, Team 5 : Spring 2006 : UNR CSE Dept.

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