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Team Name: JFMS.
Team Members: Jim Motta. (Project Manager), Fares Qeadan, Siraj Malik.

Name: Jim Motta
Organization: University of Nevada, Reno (CS426)
Profile: Jim Motta is currently a senior undergraduate student in Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. For the last three years Jim has held a Systems Engineer position with International Game Technology where he supports and maintains the IGT progressive gaming infrastructure. Mr. Motta is a C/C++, QT 4.0.1 programmer with experience in Database management and Network Security. Jim is currently working on the security functions for goSmart and their interfaces into the GUI. As a team member, Jim is the Project Manager and is responsible for the overall product, as well as, maintaining the timeline for the project. His coding contributions to the project so far include working on the database communication, security routines, error checking implementations, Deployment package, and the GUI.

Name: Fares Qeadan
Organization: University of Nevada, Reno (CS426)
Profile: Fares Qeadan is currently a senior undergraduate student in Statistics & Computer Science (dual major) at UNR. Fares holds a Research Assistantship in the Math & Statistics Department, he worked for one year in STATLAB (UNR Statistical Consulting Unit) and is currently doing research with Dr. Anna Panorska. For the last two years Fares has an internship in the Center for Health Data & Research, Nevada State Health Division as a biostatistician and SAS programmer. As an international student Mr. Qeadan was honored to receive the International Student Award for two consecutive years (2003-2004), and during his stay in the United States, Fares has received more than 10 scholarships and awards. Fares is a C/C++, Qt, Scheme and Prolog programmer and has a rich knowledge in programming and modeling using statistical/mathematical software such as Maple, Matlab, SPSS, Minitab and SAS. Faresí contribution and role in the development of goSmart consists of programming the scheduling engine, database communication, networking, real-time and security aspects of the software and their GUI. Fares is currently working on communicating with the motion sensor and his ultimate goal is to implement his own original encryption algorithm which can be used in the goSmart software. As a team member Fares is in charge of reviewing (inspection/testing) all new implementations into the software.

Name: Siraj Malik
Organization: University of Nevada, Reno (CS426)
Profile: Siraj Malik is a senior at the University of Nevada-Reno. He will be graduating in May, 2006. His main interests in computer science involve programming graphical applications using openGL. After college, he hopes to pursue a future in the video game industry, writing graphics intensive software. Mr. Malik is also planning to attend gradute school in the field of computer science in the near future. Siraj is presently learning PHP and JAVA programming and web-development. Siraj's main involvement in the goSmart project was developing the graphical user interface and being part of the overall maintainance of the system.

Send email to: gosmart.automation@gmail.com
University of Nevada, Reno
CS 426 Senior Project, Team 5 : Spring 2006 : UNR CSE Dept.

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